Employee Housing Request XXXX

Step 1: Obtain a job offer verified by human resources at Resort Group

Step 2: Read and understand the Resort Group Housing Information Packet.

Step 3: Provide personal information & arrival date

Please Note: If your arrival date/time changes, or if you plan to arrive after 5:00 PM, or on a weekend or holiday, you MUST notify the Housing Team for any check-ins occurring after 5:00 PM or on weekends at least 48 hours in advance by sending an e-mail to housing@resortgroup.com. You will receive back after-hours/weekend check-in instructions and building access code. Without this step being completed by you, plan to make other lodging arrangements on arrival. You will not be allowed to check-in until the next business day during office hours.

Your best guess at the time of reserving housing.

Step 4: Roommate Request

Roommates are not gaurenteed. If you fail to list roommate choices, or if same individual does not list you s their choice, you are not gauranteed to room with that specified person. Please list even if you chose to occupy a private room.

Male    Female
Male    Female
Male    Female
Note: If selecting any roommate of the opposite gender, all occupants must request exactly the same roommates in order to assign beds in this manner.

Step 5: Mail 1st month's occupancy fee to hold your bed or arrive with it in accordance to your specific job offer terms, if applicable.

Please put your full name and department on your money order or check, make payable to Resort Group Housing Fund, and mail deposit to:

Resort Group Housing
c/o MR Realty
2150 Resort Drive Suite 200
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487


Your deposit will be applied to your first month's occupancy fee and will ensure you a spot in employee housing. However, if you fail to arrive on or around your anticipated arrival date your spot will not be held indefinately. If your arrival date changes, you must notify the Housing Team at least 48 hours in advance by sending an e-mail to housing@resortgroup.com.

A full first month's occupancy fee is due at check-in if you did not pay the 1st month occupancy in advance of your arrival. If you sent $225 to secure your housing, this will be applied to your first month's occupancy fee. Occupancy fees are not pro-rate based on arrival date. Future occupancy fee payments will be made via payroll deductions on a bi-weekly basis.

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